Architectural 3-D Visualization

Our New Hampshire based home designers are the best. They will visualize your designs in amazing ways, allowing you to see them complete with texture, depth, color, environmental context and life.

Customizing a house plan or creating a unique design from ideas is our specialty. More and more, we are working with property owners that want design that is based around the property’s elevations and landscape. Plus, Homes By Vonderosa understands that families come in different shapes and sizes – and it’s the shared spaces that makes it a home.

Going beyond the static 2-D home design process, we truly immerse homowners in the design process by developing 3D models. These models represent the finished site as it will look in real life.

Although 2D models, provide valuable information, home owners are left to imagine what the final home details will look like.

Using powerful 3D rendering software tools we can manipulate designs in real time, quickly transitioning between concept and concrete and exploring various options.

Homes By Vonderosa clients gain a better understanding on what they are spending their money on and truly maximize their investment dollars.